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Madness interactive: baseball modMadness interactive: baseball mod

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Madness interactive: baseball mod


8 years ago on March 22, 2010


well… hopefully you have all played the original… available at newgrounds… well here is a mod. It doesnt mention my name in the credits… because they think that the idea for the name isnt valueble enough to put me in the credits… but thats another story.


W = jump/up, S = down if you have jet pack… otherwise useless, D = right, A = left, Q = bullet time, E = holster weapon and switch to previously holstered weapon, F = drop… but u can throw if you put a bit of velocity in it by swinging arm, Shift = jetpack/SUICIDE bomb (need i explain this?), p = pause, but enter/return = exit. num lock = switches weapon spawn macro list for practice m…