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Merlin's Revenge 2Merlin's Revenge 2

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Merlin's Revenge 2


8 years ago on March 22, 2010


The second game in the series. Merlin has four spells at his disposal and a large map full of assorted meanies to blast through. You can save on every screen, and Berlin will help you. Find the Golden Machine Gun for super blasty power!


Default keys: Arrows to move, mouse to aim and fire. Right Ctrl – change spell, Num0 – summon Berlin, Num1 – 4 select spell. To morph, collect the purple spell, charge it up til you see an icon and fire it at yourself. Press ESC for help. If it’s too hard you can cheat: k= kill all, i = invicible, m = extra medikit. For laptops, change keys to [qwerty] before starting t…