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Anime Character Generator (female version)Anime Character Generator (female version)

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Anime Character Generator (female version)


8 years ago on March 22, 2010


Want to make a female anime character but lack the ability to do it? Granted, there are plenty of dress-up games out there, but many of them are cluttered, require awkward placing, and have a limited ability to change things. This program aims to simplify interface.
It is also a very useful tool (for me) to generate lots of random townspeople for our RPG!


Most of it should be easy to figure out, but I’ll explain some key buttons.
-The shiny blue button between the arrows with an ‘R’ inside it is the reset button. It will reset the current item as well as its color. It is also a fast way to get back to the first item.
-After changing skin color, you can use the arrows to further lighten/darken the skin.
-Finally, I realize many peo…